I purchased my first MedX laser console in 2000 on the advice of
a referring physician. I have been using MedX lasers since 2000
and I have found it not only works to effectively treat
chiropodial conditions such as plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis, but many other conditions. The MedX laser has been a
useful therapeutic modality in my practice and has provided my
patients with more options in treating their ailments.


I have been treating my patient's foot and lower limb care
conditions with Med x laser in my practice for over a decade
with outstanding results. I now own two units.

I have been able to heal many different types of lower limb injuries and wounds successfully and non-invasively.
Conditions I have treated include; plantar fasciitis, mortons neuroma’s, repetitive strains, muscle tears, post-operative bone fractures, diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, even early stage arterial ulcers. The healing time is very rapid. For example; Plantar fasciitis can be healed effectively and painlessly in two weeks. We recommend offloading and correction of gait with orthotic therapy and to dial down there activity level while being treated. Addition adjunctive therapies
should always be considered such as Stretching and exercising,
physiotherapy, massage therapy and so forth.

This laser has never failed me or my patients. The success rates in my clinic are close to 100%. The small percentage of clients that did not completely heal was a result of non-compliance to additional adjunctive therapy recommendations such as offloading or the client
continued with aggressive activity during the treatment cycle.

I recommended between 6-12 treatments depending on the condition and they MUST attend two times per week based on the researched cumulative effects of laser therapy.

- E. KING    Registered Practical Nurse/Podortho Foot Specialist

C.E.O - Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd.
President- Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc.

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