I have found the MedX Rehab Console LASER Therapy unit to be very effective as it allows for an optimal depth of penetration of the laser light into the patient’s tissue. The unit has yielded excellent results when rendered on high-performance athletes in the NHL and athletes in training for the Olympics as well as on injured patients. The MedX Rehab Console is easy to use and I have had a truly superior customer service experience when dealing with Andrew and the MedX team.

I highly recommend the MedX company and the MedX Rehab Console LASER Therapy unit as a modality to compliment the Chiropractic care of patients.


from Dr. KEVIN ARNOLD BSc(Hon), EHC(C),

DCInventor, BAK Medical Diagnostic Test

I would like to mention the great results that I am getting with the MedX Laser that I purchased a few years ago.

My patients are literally in awe with how quickly their pain is diminished after a treatment for either acute or chronic conditions; whether it be lateral epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis or a severe inversion ankle sprain. They are then able to comfortably do rehabilitation and strengthen the injured area. After a few sessions, the patients are resuming their normal activity.

I am extremely satisfied, as are my patients, with the MedX Laser.


I have had a MedX Laser and Light Therapy unit in my own office for a few years now. As well as myself, many of my patients have also been very pleased with the quicker recovery times that they have seen with this therapy. As a result, the MedX unit has become a very valuable and popular tool in my clinical practice for various conditions, and has virtually made my electrotherapy and ultrasound units almost obsolete.

DC, FCCS(C) Chiropractic Clinical Specialist....

Andrew has proven to be honest and very approachable in his dealings with me. He has that personal charm, where he treats his clients as friends. I am proud of my association with Trusler Medical and wish them continued success. The quality and efficacy of their products have certainly contributed to the success of my practice.

Chiropractor and Clinic Director of the Brampton Health Centre

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