Laser Therapy is ideally suited to address conditions such as acute and chronic injuries, musculoskeletal, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases and degenerative disorders.

The benefits of this type of therapy are many. It is painless, non-invasive and non-toxic. It is a healthy alternative to those seeking a non-medication solution. The application of this form of therapy can speed the healing process by up to 40%. It stimulates new bone growth, connective tissue repair and enhances blood supply which is needed for any repair/ recovery process.

MedX - Laser Therapy Effects


Differentiates your practice with an effective and leading edge technology

Effective in treating conditions that do not normally respond
to traditional therapy interventions.

Fast and effective outcomes.
Patients and families are enthusiastic about their positive results.

Easy to use.
MedX provides detailed treatment guidelines and training.

Time saving.
Faster treatment times than other light based technologies or modalities

Laser Therapy improves healing time, decreases pain and increases range
of motion allowing functional recovery

Laser Therapy prepares the patient to more actively participate in treatment
by quickly decreasing pain, relaxing tissue and increasing range of motion

Patients often feel better within the first few treatments

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