In seeking treatment for a chronic shoulder injury, I used the MedX Light Therapy for approximately 4 weeks and found that it proved useful in reducing inflammation and the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). The product was very easy to use and proved to be beneficial in expediting my recovery. I strongly recommend its use for similar chronic conditions.


I purchased a MedX Home Therapy unit a short while ago AFTER receiving several laser treatments for a broken shoulder and ribs. (it was not getting any better with no treatment, preventing me from doing work,). I was so impressed with his first treatment to my shoulder, I wanted to continue but the 60km travel and the cost for each treatment was not cost effective so after trying the home unit and weighing the cost of the home unit against the travel to the therapist and his treatment cost I figured it would pay for itself very quickly. And it did. Not only for me but on my wife and a couple friends. Also, anytime I have called Andrew, he has never hesitated to answer any and all questions. Thank you for your service and the benefits of the MedX Home Laser Unit.


As a Chiropractor for over 30 years dedicated to relieving the pain and suffering of my patients I can truly say that, in my experience, the MedX Rehab Console LASER Therapy unit offers gentle, quick acting and effective care in relieving pain and in the recovery from injuries.

My patients have included people from all walks of life with injuries, pain syndromes, the need for quick recovery, and the need for enhanced performance. Among them have been high-performance athletes including in the NHL and athletes in training for the Olympics. They have all found body-wide enhancement in their health after receiving care with the use of the MedX Rehab Console LASER Therapy unit.

I highly recommend the MedX Rehab Console LASER Therapy unit as part of your health care plan.

Inventor, BAK Medical Diagnostic Test
Author, “Bringing Back Balance Into Your Life(2015)”
Chiropractor To High-Performance Athletes

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