I injured my hand in January 2009. By June, it was affecting my
entire arm, especially the elbow. As a massage therapist, I had
tried everything I could think of to correct the problem but
nothing seemed to help for very long.

My therapist used the laser on my arm once in June.
The pain localized to my wrist and hand. About a week later,
she did another laser treatment. All my pain went away and I had full function back. It is now six months later and I still have
no trouble with that arm or hand.

AND, I still love my laser, Thank you.....

Margo Neuwelt, R.M.T.

I have used laser under the direction of a physician or referred
by a physician, chiropractor or dentist in order to alleviate pain or to
facilitate the body’s healing course. Also, when there is swelling
or the client is sensitive to touch, due to pain.

I use Laser to augment the massage therapy treatment in order to maximize the effects of touch which ensure value of the treatment.

Tiz Schiafone RMT

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