I put all my patients on it who had plateaued. There were a variety of disorders. All improved except for one shoulder patient who had a massive cuff tear and required surgery. Two knee patients who had ACL/MCL tears and also required surgery.

Except for those 3, all the other patients, found it helpful enough to request that I keep the laser after the free trial period. Among the more dramatic recoveries was a fracture D4 DIP with contracture. The laser really facilitated the mobs. A postsurgical carpal tunnel repair patient also noted it helped with his range.

Exercises as appropriate would always follow the laser protocol. Overall the gains I saw were pain relief, especially with whiplash, range gains in all conditions, and compliance. I have all the other standard modalities, plus acupuncture and mobilization skills. This is an excellent adjunct to my practice.

TELMA GRANT, PT Bowmanville ON

Andrew is super knowledgeable about low-level laser. It’s a must have modality if you treat pain. I bought the handheld and later console MedX model 4 years ago and absolutely love it for treating inflammation, scars, trigger points and pain. I hope to buy a third unit from him soon. You won’t be disappointed with the machine or the excellent service he provides.

LOUISE HALEY, Director Haley Rehab

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